Robotics workshop


Based on our principle of learn by doing, the atmosphere in our sessions is a workshop where we build robots or mobile structures with the purpose to experiment and learn concepts in physics, mathematics, energy, ...

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Renewable Energy workshop


Themed activities, such as the Environment Workshop, designed to deepen the concept of sustainable city in a fun way. With this course we aimed that Young people get excited by the world of Science and New Technologies.

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Moway EducationDescubre Moway

Moway, robots designed for the education of the young people are easily programmable. It's  a compact robot, robust and easy to handle. Moway has integrated series, electric motors, sensors, lights ...

Their programming is done through a compiler designed especially by flow chart with configurable boxes  linked step by  step.


NEWSmartcity an accesory to move Moway at city of future



Scratch is a programming language that helps to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art. Also lets you share your creations with others on the web.

As young people create and share projects in Scratch, they learn important mathematical concept and computer, while also learning to think creatively,  reason systematically  and teamwork.

Scratch has been created by  MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) group Media Lab  led by Professor of Educational Research, Mitchel Resnick. In the link below, 'Sowing the seeds for a more creative society' he describes the basis of this type of educational dynamics.


Sowing the seeds for a more creative society, Mitchel Resnick                          Scratch 1.4 Download